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Rabbit Facts

Did you Know...

-Rabbits are not rodents they are Lagomorphs.
-Lagomorphs have 4 incisors in the upper jaw, where as rodents only have 2.

- There are 60 species of lagomorphs.

- Rabbits and hares are different species of animals, as different as dogs are from cats. The gestation period of a rabbit is 29-32 days, where as the hare's is 38-42 days. Rabbits are born bald and with their eyes closed, where as the hare is born with hair and with it's eyes open. Rabbits are short distance runners, where as the hares are long distance. Rabbits have short legs and ears, where as the hare has long legs and long ears.

- There are 45 different breeds of rabbit recognized by the ARBA. Some of the unrecognized breeds include the Lionhead, Lionhead Lop, Velveteen Lop, Mini Plush Lop, Mini Satins, Royal Satins, German Angora, Thrianta, ect.

- Rabbits open their eyes at 10 days old.

- Their heat radiates through their ears.

- Rabbits can jump 16 feet.

- They can run up to 35 mph in short bursts.

- Rabbits produce all white meat.

- Three does and one buck can produce more meat annually than the average cow.

- Lapin is the French word for rabbit.

- Rabbits have 360 degrees of vision.

- Rabbits that have pink eyes are called albinos.

- The normal temperature of a rabbit is 101 to 103 degrees fahrenheit.

- For a rabbit to be showen, they must have a tattoo in their left ear for identification reasons.

- The gestation period of a rabbit is 28 to 31 days.

- There are 4 different kinds of fur; Normal, Rex, Satin, and Angora.

- National Rabbit Week is the third week in July.

- Rabbits are raised for pets, fancy (showing), meat, fur, research, and fertilizer production.

- The Standard of Perfection is revised every 5 years.

- The first Standard of Perfection was printed in 1919.

- The first ARBA yearbook came out in 1955.

-There are five different body types:
Full Arch- slim, trim, alert, and active. Racy in body type, almost hare like. Breeds with full arch are: Belgian Hare, Britannia Petite, Checkered Giant, English Spot, Rhinelander, and Tan.
Semi Arch- have a mandolin shape to them. Breeds with semi arch are: American, Beveren, English Lop, Flemish Giant, and Giant Chinchilla.
Compact- short and stocky in legs and body, to be cobby. Breeds that are compact are: American Fuzzy Lop, English Angora, Standard Chinchilla, Dutch, Dwarf Hotot, Florida White, Havana, Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly, Lilac, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Polish, and Silver.
Commercial- medium length, with depth equaling width, round body, firm flesh. Are used in meat production. Breeds that are commercial are: French Angora, Giant Angora, Satin Angora, Champagne d'Argent, Californian, Cinnamon, American Chinchilla, Cream d'Argent, French Lop, Harlequin, Hotot, New Zealand, Palomino, Rex, American Sable, Satin, Silver Fox, and Silver Marten.
Cylindrical- long and slim, cylindrical with fine bone and long slender head. The only breed that is cylindrical is the Himalayan.

- Rabbits have 28 teeth.

- A rabbit's teeth grow at least 1/2 inch per month. They keep them filed by eating and chewing.

- Rabbits have 3 eyelids. The upper eyelid, the lower eyelid, and the inner eyelid. The inner eyelid is to protect the cornea during fighting or dust storms. Both the upper and lower eyelids have eyelashes.

- Rabbits have no sweat glands. The blood vessels in the ears expand when they are hot in order to help them cool off.

- A rabbit has 24 ribs.

- The respiration rate (breathing) of a rabbit is 50-60 times per minute.

- The term "summer ears" refers to large ears. Rabbits born in the summer heat develop larger ears than rabbits born in the cooler months, in order to cool themselves better.

- There are three spotted breeds- Rhinelander, English Spot, and the Checkered Giant.

- There are five breeds of lop- American Fuzzy Lop, Mini Lop, Holland Lop, French Lop, and English Lop.

- The Florida White is the only breed that has no disqualifications listed in it's standard, other than the general all breed disqualifications.

- Rabbits have four chambers of the heart, just like humans.

- They have 18 toes.

- They have 46 vertabrae.

- Tans and Silvers both have snappy flyback fur.

- Silver Fox has "standing fur", meaning when you pet it backwards the fur will remain in a upright position until you pet it back into place.

- 1898-1901 was known as the "Great Belgian Hare Era".

- There are only two colors of rabbits- Black and Chocolate. Everything else came from these two, and is either another version of them or a dilute of them. Blue is the dilute of Black, and Lilac is the dilute of Chocolate. Example: Chestnut is the black agouti, Chocolate Agouti is the chocolate agouti (hence the name), Opal the dilute of Chestnut is a blue agouti, and Lynx the dilute of Chocolate Agouti is the lilac agouti.

- There are only three coat patterns- Agouti (A), Tan Pattern (at), and Self (aa).

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